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A fun Discord bot.

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Useful and Fun Commands

NoireBot has a lot of different commands, which involves both Utility ones (such as Kick, Ban, Prune), Fun ones (Music, Memes, Profiles, choose), a LOT other commands and even an RPG game with visual effects (seen below).

RPG on Discord

Currently still in development, but a playable RPG game!

Play alone or team up with up to 3 friends in this old school rpg game! Choose a class and let the fight begin! (Note: The gif above isn't fake, when you play, you get to see the fights, not just read them!)


Noirebot is currently running completely as a fun projects by one enthusiastic programmer. Sadly that means the bot has to go sleep aswell until the creator find a way to run it 24/7. The offline times are usually between (It may vary depending on how long do I sleep)